Providence’s Finest Thai, Cambodian, Vietnamese & Chinese Cuisine.

We are dedicated to bringing you the finest Authentic Asian Cuisine in Rhode Island. Our goal is to preserve the art of traditional home style Asian culinary dishes, in a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Hours: Fri & Sat 10am-10pm|Sun-Thurs 10am-9:30pm CLOSED TUESDAYS

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The title of the dance only performed in the presence of  the king of Cambodia, at the royal palace. To dance the Aspara for the king the dancer must be considered most beautiful.

The oriental food served at Aspara Asian Restaurant is not the same kind as one finds in most “chinese restaurants”,  where it has been chained to suit american taste. Here we prepare some of the favorite dishes found in the homes of Cambodian, Thailand, Vietnam and China –unchanged.

Oriental meals are served differently from western meals.  In an oriental dining party the number of main dishes is determined by the number of people.  Each dish is shared by all. Where there are more at the table there will be more main dishes.

Some of the foods as prepared in the orient are too spicy hot for most American taste if you would like it to be prepared milder or without hot spice, please let our staff know and it will be prepared suit your desires.  When ordering, first decide on the appetizer and soup,  then choose the main dishes you prefer from each group such as poultry, meat, seafood, and vegatableds. Pick a  variety of dishes thats deferred in taste, such as sweet and sour, bland and spicy. Our experienced staff is more than happy to assist you in making your selections.

We at the Apsara Asian Restaurant are dedicated to keeping the oriental culnary arts at the high standards.Our desire is to serve you the finest food in a warm atmosphere for your utmost dining pleasure.

Apsara History

The restaurant was founded by Mrs. Thao Te and Mr. Chhun Seng Lim. Apsara was originally established in 1986 at 310B Broad St. Providence, RI 02907 as an authentic Asian food catering business.

While attending classes at night school, Mrs. Thao Te noticed there many single Asians in the community who are too busy to prepare authentic Asian meal at home. For a small fee, Mrs. Te would prepare authentic Asian meals (Monday – Friday) for those who are too busy to cook an authentic Asian dinner for themselves. While preparing dinner for her clients, customers would knock on the door wanting to try the food.

It was then that Mrs. Te decided to open her doors to the public. There was no official menu at first, her customers would be served any delicious meal she prepared for the day. By word of mouth many customers would discover that Apsara Asian Restaurant not only served delicious authentic Asian food, but also provide a very generous portion.