Green Curry Soup (Thai Style)


Green Curry Coconut Base Soup Prepared w/ Onion, Bamboo, String Bean, Chinese Broccoli and Thai Green Eggplant

Fried Fish Cake


Fish Blends with Lemongrass and Spices. Formed into Patties and Fried. Served with Pickled Vegetables and Sauce.

Mee Kraw Lar


Steamed Rice Noodle Mixed with Our Special Soy Sauce and Spices on a Bed of Beansprout. Served with Pickled Vegetable...



Crispy Rice Patties Served with Our Special Blend of Ground Pork, Coconut Milk, and Spices as Dipping Sauce

Chive Dumpling (4)


(Steamed or Fried) Dumpling filled with Chive. Served with Our Special Soya Ginger Sauce.

Spare Rib


Fried Marinated Ribs

Crispy Wings (Flat Only) (9)


(Flat Wings Only, No Drum Stick) Battered Wings Tossed with Our House Blend of Black Pepper, Spices, and Herbs.

Spicy Hot Thai Wings (10)


Chicken Wings Tossed w/Jalapeños, Cilantro, Scallion, Dried Chili, and Crushed Pepper

Crispy Wings Black Pepper (9)


Battered Wings Tossed with Our House Blend of Black Pepper, Spices, and Herbs.

Combination Platter


A Platter of Appetizers: Beef Teriyaki, Egg Roll, Chicken Wings, Spare Ribs, and Hae Kainge

Crispy Pork Fried Garlic


Marinated Fried Pork Tossed w/ Crispy Fried Garlic

Crab Rangoon


Crispy Fried Eggroll Skin Filled with Cream Cheese, Imitation Crab Meat. Served with Duck Sauce

Kainge Kai Soup (Thai Style)


A Flavorful Coconut Base Soup w/ Lemongrass, String Bean, Eggplant, Onion, and Bamboo Shoot Tips. One of Thailand Favorite

Vietnamese Sweet and Sour Soup


Prepared w/ Pineapple, Tomato, Basil, Scallion, Lotus Root, Specialty Spices. A favorite in Vietnam

Tom Yum Soup (Thai Style)


Thai Thin Broth Soup w/ an Aromatic of Lemongrass, Lime Leaves, Straw Mushrooms, Sweet Thai Basil, and Spicy Herbs.

Seafood Bean Curd Soup


A Hearty Soup w/ Seafood, Vegetables, and Fresh Tofu

Three Delight Soup


A Thin Broth Soup with Shrimp, Squid, and imitation Crab Meat and Vegetables.

Egg Drop Soup


Wonton Soup


Hot and Sour Soup


Steamed Wonton (6)


Wonton Skin Filled with Ground Pork, Wood-ear, Onion, and Scallion. Served with Our Special Ginger Soy Sauce

Crispy Wings Thai Garlic Sauce (9)


Crispy Wings Tossed with Our Special Blend of Garlic, Lime, and Cilantro

Spicy Wings with Lemongrass (10 )


Fried Wings Sautéed with Our House, Special Lemongrass Sauce

Spicy Wings (10)


(Thai Style) Topped w/ Pineapple and Tomatoes Sauce

Nime Fried (2)


Crispy Vegetable Roll with Beansprouts, Carrot, and Onion. Served with House Original Special Peanut Sauce

Thai Pad See-Ew Noodle


(Thai Style: Can Be Request for Gluten Free) Wide Flat Rice Noodle w/ Chinese Broccoli, Onion, Peapod, Carrot, and American...

Lemongrass Stir Fry


Bell Peppers, Baby Corns, Carrots, Onion, String Bean, Thai Basil, and Crushed Peanut in a Creamy Spicy Coconut Base Sauce.

Peking Ravioli (8)


(Steamed or Fried) Pork Chinese Ravioli (Gyoza). Served with Our Special Soya Ginger Sauce.

Cambodian Delicate Soup


This is a Cambodian House Hold Favorite.  Prepared w/ Lemongrass, Thai Green Eggplant, Celery, and too Many Other Spices to...

Thai Spring Roll (4)


Thailand Favorite Spring Roll with Chicken, Woods-ear, Scallion, and Onion Wrapped with Crispy Spring Roll Shell. Served with Duck Sauce.

Cambodian Spring Roll (6)


One of Our Most Popular Spring Roll loaded with Chicken, Bean Vermicelli Noodle, shredded Onion. Served with Duck Sauce.

Nime Chow (2)


Thai Basils, Beansprouts, Lettuce, Shrimps, and Steamed Noodle Wrapped with Rice Paper. Served with House Original Special Peanut Sauce

Lort (8)


Crispy Spring Roll filled with Taro and Peanut. Served with Duck Sauce.

Vegetable Spring Roll (2)


Fried Vegetable Rolls w/ Bean Vermicelli Noodle. Served with Duck Sauce.

Chinese Egg Roll (2)


Crispy Fried Roll with Chicken, Cabbage, Celery, Onion, and Scallion

Chicken Wings (9)


Fried Marinated Wings.

Chicken Fingers


Fried Battered Chicken Strip. Served with Duck Sauce.

Beef Teriyaki (6)


Sliced Flank Steak Marinated w/ Our Special Lemongrass blend of Spices and Herb. Fried and Served with Our House Pickle...

Chicken on a Stick (6)


Chicken Tender Marinated w/ Our Special Lemongrass blend of Spices and Herb. Fried and Served with Our House Pickle Vegetables.

Steam Pork Bun (3)


Steamed Soft and Fluffy Bun w/ Pork, Chinese Sausage, Hard-Boiled Egg, Onion, and Scallion Inside.

Hae Kainge


Ground Pork, Onion, Scallion, and Cilantro. Marinated with Our Special Spices Blend Wrapped with Bean Curd Shell. Fried and Served...

Shrimp Dumpling (8)


Soft Tapioca Steamed Dumpling Filled with Shrimp. Served with our Special Blended Soya Sauce

Crispy Shrimp Roll (8)


Large Marinated Shrimp Wrapped with Spring Roll Shell. Fried and Served with Duck Sauce.